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What do you seek for in your career?

  • Financial freedom?
  • Autonomy?
  • Flexibility?
  • Exciting job scope?

If your answer to all of the above is a resounding YES, then we are looking for you. Please contact us for a confidential career discussion. We will empower you with the ability to succeed.

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What we have to say

I was a civil servant in the Republic of Singapore Air Force for eight years. After realising in my later years that that this was not the kind of life I wanted, I went ahead to pursue my true interest. This change marked my foray into the finance industry.

Picturing myself in a rewarding career, I made the decision to join Strategic Wealth Organization (SWO) a few months ago. After six months of hard work and determination, I was promoted to Associate Development Manager. At SWO, the sky is the limit. I am in complete control of my monthly earnings and strive to work hard for this business because I know that my efforts are always duly rewarded.

I love SWO as it makes me who I am today.

Before joining SWO, I used to work as a technician for Hewlett Packard (HP), earning about SGD 1500/month. Being a man of strong will and a great desire for success, I decided to tender my resignation after learning of career opportunities with SWO.

SWO’s wide platform of financial services has helped me to attain my dreams. Today, six months into my job with SWO, I hold the title of Associate Manager and earn a respectable income.

I believe that with SWO, I’m on a sure track towards financial freedom.

Being an undergraduate at SIM University, I was interested in the financial industry as it gave me the flexibility to manage my time for both work and studies. Using my income, I began to finance my own school fees.

When I first confided in my friends and family of my intention to join the industry, they were filled with doubts and questions. In spite of everything, I stayed focused and was determined to continue on the path that I believed was the best for me.

Today, I am very proud to say that the results that I have attained with SWO have been able to convince them all and put their fears and hesitations to rest.

On the contrary, I now have their full and enthusiastic support and encouragement to keep going on the road to excellence in my career.

Min Requirements:

- Singaporeans / Singapore PR
- 21 years and above
- Minimum Diploma Holder
- Fresh graduates are also welcome to apply



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