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Business people are often faced with obstacles that hinder them from progressing, such as these:

  • What are the procedures like in securing a business loan quickly?
  • What are the challenges/pitfalls in repaying my debts?
  • How can I leverage on business financing to grow my business?
  • How can I resolve liquidity problems with short term financing solutions?
  • How can I get my business out of debt?
Offering a wide range of business solutions to help our clients to expand, manage and tide over difficult times, SWO supports your various needs, some of which include project financing, equity financing as well as equipment financing.

Exercising our wealth of knowledge of government assistance schemes, SWO has the capabilities to lower your overall financing cost. Our impressive network of partners can also provide you with cross-border financing solutions.

Equipment Financing – Equipment Financing gives your business the equipment, software, and furniture it needs in order to operate successfully and make a profit.

Property Financing – Commercial property financing is available for virtually all types of income-producing and commercial properties, including: Shopping centers; Motels and apartments; Office buildings; Automobile dealerships; Health care facilities; Owner occupied buildings; Manufacturing facilities and more. A commercial property is basically any type of property that is involved in business operations and generates revenue for the company.

Project Financing – Project Financing is a loan structure that relies primarily on the project’s cash flow for repayment, with the project’s assets, rights, and interests held as secondary security or collateral.

Dept Financing – When a firm raises money for working capital or capital expenditures by selling bonds, bills, or notes to individual and/or institutional investors. In return for lending the money, the individuals or institutions become creditors and receive a promise that the principal and interest on the debt will be repaid.

Trade Financing – While a seller (the exporter) can require the purchaser (an importer) to prepay for goods shipped, the purchaser (importer) may wish to reduce risk by requiring the seller to document the goods that have been shipped. Banks may assist by providing various forms of support. For example, the importer’s bank may provide a letter of credit to the exporter (or the exporter’s bank) providing for payment upon presentation of certain documents, such as a bill of lading. The exporter’s bank may make a loan (by advancing funds) to the exporter on the basis of the export contract.

Equity Financing – The act of raising money for company activities by selling common or preferred stock to individual or institutional investors. In return for the money paid, shareholders receive ownership interests in the corporation.

Mezzanine Financing – A hybrid of debt and equity financing that is is typically used to finance the expansion of existing companies. Mezzanine financing is basically debt capital that gives the lender the rights to convert to an ownership or equity interest in the company if the loan is not paid back in time and in full. It is generally subordinated to debt provided by senior lenders such as banks and venture capital companies.

Factoring – Factoring is a financial transaction whereby a business job sells its accounts receivable (i.e., invoices) to a third party (called a factor) at a discount in exchange for immediate money with which to finance continued business.

Business Valuation – Business Valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to estimate the economic value of an owner’s interest in a business.

Corporate RestructuringCorporate Restructuring is the process of redesigning one or more aspects of a company. The process of reorganizing a company may be implemented due to a number of different factors, such as positioning the company to be more competitive, survive a currently adverse economic climate, or poise the corporation to move in an entirely new direction.

M&A Activities – The phrase Mergers and Acquisitions (abbreviated M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry grow rapidly without having to create another business entity.

Dept Restructuring – Debt restructuring is a process that allows a private or public company – or a sovereign entity – facing cash flow problems and financial distress, to reduce and renegotiate its delinquent debts in order to improve or restore liquidity and rehabilitate so that it can continue its operations.

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