Corporate Insurance

Owing to a solid wealth of experience, we have discovered two of the main questions that often plague business owners –

  • How can I protect my company from losses due to uncertainty?
  • How can I secure the lowest premiums with the highest coverage?

Now you can operate your business with perfect peace of mind. Leave the worrying to us. SWO offers a spectrum of products and services tailored to meet our clients’ requirements. We will take care of the liabilities and risks that may inflict your business during the course of operations.

Workmen Compensation – Compensation for death, injury, or accident suffered by a workman in the course of his employment and paid to him or his dependents.

Marine Cargo – An insurance policy that protects the buyer of a good being transported over water from the loss of that good. Most of the time either the buyer or the seller is required to purchase marine cargo insurance (or at least to assume the risk of transit); their specific agreement determines which one is responsible.

Machinery/ Equipment All Risk – This Policy covers your machinery / equipment which is necessary for the running of your business against unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause other than those specifically excluded.

Group Personal Accident Insurance – Group Personal accident insurance covers your expenses from an accident with a lump sum payment, a daily or monthly amount or a payment for loss of life from an accident. Several types of policies supplement an insurance program. Often, accidental death and dismemberment is an inexpensive form of personal accident insurance. Other forms are similar to disability income, but they pay a cash sum when you have an injury due to an accident.

Public Liability – It provides broad coverage, generally including all exposures for property damage and bodily injury, except exposures that relate to ownership of airplanes and automobiles, and to employees. Liability insurance may be written to cover specified hazards, as a Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL).

Fire & Extra Perils Insurance – It covers loss or damage for accidental and unintentional loss or damage to properties and their contents, arising from the dangers of fire as well as from allied perils such as storm, earthquake etc.

Professional Indemnity – Known as professional indemnity insurance, this type of liability cover provides protection for negligent advice or a service provided by you, and is designed to safeguard you against claims made by clients for any resulting financial loss or damage to their reputation.

Business Interruption – insurance that provides protection for the loss of profits and continuing fixed expenses resulting from a break in commercial activities due to the occurrence of a peril.

Burglary & Theft – Insurance for the loss of property due to burglary, robbery or larceny. It is provided in a standard homeowners policy and in a business multiple peril policy.

Money Insurance – Insurance poses a dilemma to its customers: either you suffer a loss and get some of your premium money back, or you don’t suffer a loss and lose all your money to the insurance company. Either way, it feels like you lose. Return of premium term life insurance, sometimes called money-back insurance, solves this problem by offering its customers their money back under certain circumstances.

Fidelity Guarantee – Fidelity guarantee insurance protects employers from financial losses that are a result of employees who embezzle, commit forgery, fraud or steal directly from a company. Protection that is offered by fidelity guarantee insurance can be designed to cover all employees or just an individual worker within a company.

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